• Helkroppsvibrationer enligt ISO 2631, EN/2002/44/EC
  • Handarmvibrationer enligt ISO 5349, EN/2002/44/EC
  • Byggnadsvibrationer (men in buildings) enligt DIN 4150, ISO 2631, BS6472
  • Kabinvibrationer i fartyg enligt ISO 6954
  • Generella maskinvibrationer


  • 6 kanaler (Nor136) i ”helkroppsmode”
  • Grafisk och numerisk display för samtliga kanaler parallellt
  • Stor minneskapacitet med SD-kort minne
  • Samplar rådata för vidare analys i NorVibraTest
  • Export av FFT eller 1/3-oktav frekvensdata till excel
  • Kraftfull PC-programvara NorVibraTest
  • Komplett range av givare för handarm, helkropp
  • Voice Notes (tala in kommentarer före/efter mätning)
  • Stödjer IEPE, Voltage AC+DC, Charge givare
  • Data export till National Instrument


  • ISO 2631-1
  • ISO 2631-2
  • ISO 2631-3
  • ISO 2631-4
  • ISO 2631-5
  • ISO 5349-1
  • ISO 5349-2
  • ISO 4866
  • ISO 6954
  • ISO 8041-1
  • ISO 8041-2
  • ISO 20283-5
  • EN/2002/44EC
  • DIN 4150-2
  • DIN 4150-3
  • BS 6472
  • BS 7385-1
  • NS 8176 (Nor136)
  • ÖNORM S9012



The Nor133 and Nor136 may be extended with a selection of optional features, thereby allowing you to tailor the instrument to your specific requirements. Optional features may be ordered and installed at any time by just adding a new set of option codes.

Basic version of Nor133/136 includes all weighting networks and the use of them in accordance to ISO 2631-1,whole body, that covers the requirements given for “health impact to the human body” and the ISO 5349-1 Hand Arm.The basic unit is delivered with softcase Nor1336, NorVirtual, a PC application program that allows the user to control and display the measurements on the PC, Nor1044, NorVibConvert, a PC measurement download program, 2GB SD-memory card, Batteries, Instruction manual and USB cable. Sensors are not included.

Option 1: Raw data sampling


Raw data sampling to SD card including PC application program NorVibraTest. This feature stores all data un-weighted onto the SD-Card. In NorVibraTest the data may be analysed with several different weighting curves. The data may be analysed again if new standards requires the data to be assessed with other weighting functions. In this way the user doesn’t have to retake the measurements if new standards are introduced.

Another useful function is to remove artefacts from the measurement.

A comprehensive WB assessment should be carried out in a 6 channel mode, where 3 channels measure the WB vibration of the subject and the other 3 channels measures the vibration of the source. The correlation of these data can then be examined in the NorVibraTest program to determine the transfer function of the driver’s seat for example, so unknown influences or artifacts can be removed.

The NorVibraTest has a powerful report module that helps the user to create his own measurement reports.

Option 2: Extended standard support package level 1


This includes standards:

  • ISO 2631-1 for “comfort” and motion sickness.
  • ISO 2631-4, railway vibration impact to humans
  • ISO 2631-2, Vibration in buildings
  • “User defined” weighting networks for WB mode

Option 3: Level vs time


This allows the instrument to be used for long time vibration monitoring. The measurement can time can be set up from 1 to 400 hours, with resolution from 1 to 60 seconds.

Additionally, one can select to repeat measurements automatically, which means you can continue logging data for an extended period. It is also possible to import the measurement to NorReview.

Option 4: Charge and DC input


This option supports the use of accelerometers and sensors with charge or DC output. This option is especially useful for customers that already got accelerometers like seat pads or other expensive transducers with charge output.

Option 5: Extended standard support package level 2

  • DIN 4150-3 (1999), Structural vibration – Effects of vibration on structures (limited support).
  • ISO 4866, Mechanical vibrations and shock – Effects on structures.
  • BS7385-1, Evaluation and measurement for vibrations in building – Effects on structures.

Option 6: Data export to National Instruments DIAdem software


Possiblity to convert raw dato to DIADEM format and thereby enable further evalutation (user defined) in the DIADEM SW package (National Instruments).




  • NorVibraTest - v1.4.7.7 - (0.03GB)
    Released 31/05/2017


  • Nor1044 NorVibConverter v 3.6.10 - 3.6.10 (349.12KB)
    Released 13/07/2017
Instrument software

Instrument software Nor133/Nor136

  • Nor133/Nor136 – v 3.8.8 - 3.8.8 (491.73KB)


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